Adopt a cat

Take a look at our gorgeous cats below!
If you don't see your future purrfect companion, please feel free to contact us on 07598 476543 or email us at  We may have cats in our care, which are not yet on our web site, or we can take your details and contact you when we find the cat that we believe would be a good match.


Once you have chosen your cat, (or more likely they have chosen you!) the adoption process can move very swiftly. 

The next stage is a Home Visit, either in person or virtually, and if that is successful the adoption paperwork will be done on the same day.

As soon as you have paid the adoption fee, you will be able to collect your cat.  So, please do not start this process if you know you will be going away or having major building work done within a few weeks of completing the adoption.


When we put kittens on the web we have an overwhelming response so please understand if we don't reply to you.

When you adopt from us we also sell good quality second hand items for your new member of the family. .  Many are “as new.”  These include carriers, cat beds, litter trays, interactive feeders, cat toys, scratching posts and pads etc  at greatly reduced prices.  You may wish to enquire if we have what you are looking for “in stock” if you need any  items - rather than buying new.   All proceeds from these sales go directly towards caring for the cats in our care.