Dangerous Flea Collars for Kittens

19 February 2014

Please all cat owners take note!!! I bought these flea collars for my 19 week old kittens! Today I just took my kitten to the vet as he is shaking and instead of walking, he is bouncing like a rabbit! The vet has told me it is due to using ...these collars that he is now poisoned and we dont know wether he will pull through!! Vets are trying to get these off the shelves!! Please go to the vets for products! It will cost more but is safer! Please share ...

Dangerous Dogs Legislation - one step closer to cat-friendly law

01 August 2013

Following news that the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee has recommended that Defra extends the law on dangerous dogs to cover dog attacks that injure a protected animal, which would include cats, Cats Protection has issued the following statement: “We very much welcome this recommendation and are pleased that the issue was raised in yesterday’s House of Commons debate,” explained Jacqui Cuff, Cats ...