Think about neutering sooner rather than later!
Whether you have a domestic pet or farm cats or ferals living in the area, neutering is important. An un-neutered tom will be more prone to fighting and more likely to spread disease through cat bites, neutering will not reduce a cats ability to hunt. Cats can breed from the age of 5 months old, rearing kittens is hard work and finding good homes, often is difficult.

We neutered 255 cats during 2014. This is one of our biggest expenditures within our yearly running costs. If you fall into one of the categories below, you qualify for our neutering scheme. However, if you are able to contribute a token gesture towards this discounted scheme, it will help us continue to offer it into the future.

If you are on welfare benefits, are a student, pensioner or are on income support, then you may be elligable to take advantage of the above neutering scheme. Please call or preferably email to discuss your situation. You will get a quicker response from e mailing.

Email: - leave your full address with post code, phone number and cats details, please confirm you belong to one of the above categories.

Call 0345 371 2759 - our telephone volunteer is unavailable, please use our email address, face book or the contact form on this website to request neutering help until further notice.

If the telephone is unmanned when you call, please leave your name, email address and number on the answerphone and you will be called back as soon as possible. All our staff are volunteers, who give their time for free, a lot of them work full time, please be patient if it takes a couple of days for us to get back to you. We are presently very short of volunteers to run this branch, so bear with us.

The Veterinary practices participating in this scheme are: