Sleeping kittensWelcome to Cats Protection, Stranraer & District Branch
We are Cats Protection covering the Wigtownshire area. Our area covers the west of Dumfries and Galloway from Stranraer to just west of Gatehouse of Fleet, postcodes DG8 and DG9.

We have been established in the area since 1999, helping to rehome cats, offering assisted neutering, providing an advice service on kittens and cats and assisting with lost and found cats.

The Stranraer District comprises a small group of dedicated volunteers who work together to achieve the above. We always welcome new volunteers into our fold, if you think you have some time to offer please get in touch.  All out of pocket expenses are re-imbursed, and support/training is available if desired.


Please all cat owners take note!

"I bought these flea collars for my 19 week old kittens. Today I just took my kitten to the vet as he is shaking and instead of walking, he is bouncing like a rabbit. The vet has told me it is due to using these collars that he is now poisoned and we don't know whether he will pull through. Vets are trying to get these off the shelves. Please go to the vets for products. It will cost more but is safer. Please share to make others aware!"

The above article was shared by a private individual and the above are her thoughts and opinions on the flea collars. We felt it was something that needed to be shared. Please consult a vet for any advice on treatment you are giving to a kitten. Flea and worming treatments should always be sought from the vet with regards to kittens. Similarly for puppies. The chemicals in these treatments can be toxic to certain individuals, as the above owner found out to her cost.


Found catThis cat was lucky, his owners recognised him in a newspaper appeal. When they came to collect him, they were amazed to find another of their cats, gone missing some months ago, being cared for in the same foster house. The moral of this story is; when your cat goes missing log it with all your local animal charities - we may already have your pet in our care! We can't put every found cat in the newspaper, but we do keep a list of our lost and found cats on the website. This page also offers advice on what to do if your pet goes missing.

See the Lost and Found section for more details.

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