In Loving Memory

A memorial to beloved companions that are no longer with us. If you would like to add your cat(s) to this page then please send your image and tribute to the email address on our contacts page with 'In Loving Memory' in the subject line. Please try to limit tributes to around 100 words.

Mortimer and Teddy
Mortimer born 01.05.2000 (died aged 13) and Teddy born 19.05.1991 (died aged 11). RIP.

Morton born 11.07.1990 (died aged 10). RIP.

Effy born 18.09.2013 (killed in RTA aged 8 months). RIP.

In memory of Bailey
My beautiful tabby girl Bailey was put to sleep on 03/03/13. The first time I saw you Bailey I knew I had to adopt you. You were a lovely sweet natured old girl whose owner had gone into a care home and none of the family wanted you. Their loss was our gain. We knew you were a good age and you did have health problems but that did not bother me - although you were a wee rogue when it came to taking your tablets!! When you got ill again wee pal we knew this time it was going to be hard for you to get better and we decided we would not put you through any more so we made the heartbreaking decision to let you go. You gave us so much love, laughs and head butts in the 4 years that we had you. We miss you so much and I miss my furry cuddles. We hope you were as happy with us wee pal as we were with you. Sleep tight my gorgeous girl. Love Flora and Jim xx

In memory Wee Sweetheart
Wee Sweetheart as she was affectionately named by her rescuers Kelly, Janet and Martin, lost her life in April 2013. This wee soul was found in tragic circumstances and for the last three days of her life she could not have been more loved and cared for. Sadly she was too far gone to be saved and the kindest thing was for her to be PTS. We can’t thank her guardian angels enough for showing this little girl compassion and doing everything in their power to make her last days comfortable. We wish we could have told you, in words you'd understand, We wanted you to stay with us, This wasn't what we'd planned. We wish we'd once more hear you, in your softly, rumbling purr, to hold you on our laps again, and stroke your golden fur. We wish we had you back again, to fill this empty space. But one day we'll be together in a far, far better place. Sleep soundly ‘wee sweetheart’ from all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

In memory of Sphinx
Sphinx was sadly PTS in January 2013. If it should be, that I grow frail and weak, And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then, you must do what must be done for this, the last battle, can't be won. Don't let your grief stay your hand, for this day more than the rest, your love and friendship stand the test. You'd not want me to suffer, so When the time comes, please let me go. Take me where my needs they'll tend, Only, stay with me to the end and hold me firm and speak to me until my eyes no longer see. I know in time you'll see it is a kindness you do for me although my tail its last has waved, from pain and suffering I've been saved. Don't grieve it should be you who this thing decides to do. Don't let your heart hold tears. SMILE, FOR WE WALKED TOGETHER FOR A WHILE. Sleep tight little angel. Foster Mum and Dad (Pam and Kenny) and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

In memory of Treacle
In memory of Treacle. Tragically killed in a RTA 16/11/12. You had only been with us a year after being abandoned in a country park. Always the cheeky, friendly adventurer, you had us wrapped round your paws in minutes. I really miss your snuggles and your games. Our affectionate wee treasure, we have wonderful memories. Sally & Dereick xxxx

In memory of Lucy
It is with a seriously heavy heart that we report that poor wee Lucy lost her courageous battle and at 6.10 pm, Monday 5th November, 2012 she passed away very peacefully in the arms of her foster dad. She was only 14 months old at most, and, as he says, she really '...didn't have a fair kick of the 'ba' although we only had her for about a month in total, there wasn't a wee cat who was loved, or will be missed more. '... night, night, ma wee hen'. Dave her adoring foster dad, Christine from Millhouse Cattery and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

Treasured memories of you darling Jerry, still miss you. Tragically killed in an RTA. Also in memory of foster cats Ice and Bobby. 
Sandra and Konrad

We were only together a short time BB but you were loved and will never be forgotten, in loving memory. 
Sheila and Kevin

In memory of Tam, sadly put to sleep 02/08/02. 
Sleep tight wee man, until we see each other again.

To little Danny who never made it to his new home. Such a strong and confident little kitten. He passed away in his sleep aged 8 weeks. Now at Rainbow Bridge but will never be forgotten.
Sandra and Sheila
(foster mums)

To Tansy, sadly put to 
sleep 15/10/04 aged 
17 years. NHG will not be the same without you - you will be sorely missed by staff and customers alike. Sleep peacefully our sweet pea. XXX

In Loving Memory of Snowdrop who was PTS due to kidney failure. You were a very brave and loving old girl. You are sadly missed.  

Cherished memories of Darcy, one of nature's gentlemen. Such a sweet natured old boy who fought his illness with courage and dignity.
PTS 11-02-2005.
Miss and love you always. xxx
Roz and Ian
(foster mum and dad)

Treasured memories of Minnie, our dainty little mouse - taken from us 
06-06-2005. A light gone from our lives - a piece torn from our hearts. Adored and remembered forever.
Mummy & Daddy,
Roz and Ian
Also in memory of Judy

Treasured memories of Milo, tragically killed in an RTA 01/08/05. He will be sadly missed but never forgotten 
in our hearts.

Fondly remembering Charlie, PTS 17/08/05. A Middlesbrough CPL cat who gave 15 years loving companionship and pleasure and was a very brave old lady to the end. 
Alan & Patricia

In memory of Keo, killed in an RTA, aged 15. Now in heaven with Brandy and Stella. We miss you so much.
Christine, Mike and 
the boys

In memory of Morton, a Branch Cat. His poor old kidneys finally gave up, he was a lovely old gent who
had a very quiet and enjoyable retirement. Will be greatly missed.
CP West Lothian Branch

In loving memory of my brave wee man, Morton, who passed away on Sunday 6th November 2005. Although a CP branch cat, I was privileged to be your foster mum for fourteen months - maybe not a long time but time enough for you to be etched on my heart for ever more. Sleep tight Morton.

In memory of Dennis, the old codger. Age finally caught up with him at 21½ years old. A feisty old boy who was probably a real terror in his youth. Very good at blocking access to the cooker and fridge and would do anything for a piece of roast chicken or fresh fish. Will miss your chatter - it was a pleasure knowing you.
Karen & Marcus

In memory of Hobbs, a big beautiful brave boy who we will never forget. PTS 23.05.06. 
No settee was too high; every sunbeam had to be slept in. 
Doreen & Margaret

In loving memory of Bob - PTS 23-06-06 due to complications following a long illness. A brave wee guy now at peace at Rainbow Bridge where there is no more pain or suffering. To live in the hearts you leave behind is not to die.
Fondly remembered,
Gill and Graham.
Roz and Jackie 
(West Lothian Branch)
Charlaine and staff at Kirkintilloch Adoption Centre. xxxxxxx

In memory of Sammy, with all our love. Miss you loads. xx
Mum and Dad (Ena and Will) and sister Sally.

Meggie, our beautiful big brave girl, our hearts are breaking but we had to let you go - too young to die, too special to suffer. How we miss your loving and your mischief . LY always.
Mummy and Daddy 
(Roz and Ian)

Cherished memories of Mink, a friendly and loving wee treasure who was sadly PTS 23/10/06 following a short illness. We didn't know you long but it was long enough for you to leave paw prints on our hearts. We are so glad you were able to spend your last few months in a nice home surrounded by love.
Always in our hearts and memories, Roz and Ian (foster mum and dad) and Tracy your loving adopted Mummy xxxxxxx

Loving memories of Logan, our beautiful little black bear - so loving - so brave - so grateful. Mercifully PTS 10/01/2007 without any suffering. You were a real wee fighter but in the end it was just too much. We're so sad that we weren't able to help you sooner. Missing you lots. All our love and kisses goodnight. 
Roz and Ian (foster mum and dad) xxxx
"I will always remember the smallest of delights. There is no such thing as dead - you have only gone ahead"

To Ginger.
You touched our lives for many years. The house and our laps seem empty without you.
Miss you lots.
Ann and Lisa

Fondly remembering Lucy, our 17 year old ball of loving fun and mischief. 
A Middlesborough CP cat, hand raised from a kitten and sadly PTS 23/02/07. 
A wonderful chum and sorely missed - the house is too quiet without you!
Alan and Patricia

In loving memory of Harry, "My Boy", aged 18.
A beautiful moggie who loved his bed. Miss our cuddles. Shining on in my heart. Sandra

In loving memory of dear old George. We wanted so much to give you a chance but in the end it was kinder to let you go. Sleep tight wee fella - you're safe now in Joan and Allan's beautiful garden - forever in the sun. 
PTS 10/05/07.
Heartfelt thanks to Joanne our wonderful vet who made your last two days as comfortable as possible.
Roz, Jackie, Joan and AllanWest Lothian Branch

Cherished memories of Tabitha - a special little lady with big eyes, a big voice and a big personality. We didn't know you long but we loved you to bits. Sleep tight little cherub - till we meet again. Big hugs and kisses. 
Roz and Ian (foster mum and dad) and everyone at West Lothian Cats Protection
Also fondly remembered and missed by Sandra and Jim.

Cherished memories of Levi, a real character who will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Rehomed for such a short time but long enough to enjoy being part of a loving family again. Missed by us all. Claire, Angus and Pepe, your forever family and everyone at West Lothian Cats Protection. xxxxxx

In memory of Bandit (Moggy). We can't believe two years have passed since we had to have you PTS. Mummy had 16½ wonderful years with you and Daddy had 2. We hope you are back to your happy self at Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. Until we are together again, lots of love, Mummy and Daddy.
Kirstine and Keith.

In memory of Indie put to sleep on 28/03/08. 
"Ma wee Pops", we only 
had you over a year but you were much loved, even although you were a right 
wee grumpy! Due to your age and illness you couldn't fight any more, so sadly we had to have you put to you sleep. Am missing you so much but 
hope you are happy with the rest of your furry friends at Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Flora and Jim.

In loving memory of Chico, a brave wee man who lived life to the full right up to the end. Your future looked very bleak when you first came to us in March 2007, but you surprised us all and gave your loving foster family 14 wonderful months. Sorely missed by Pam, Kenny and family, and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

Fondly remembering wee Madison, sadly PTS 10/10/2008 - such a sweet little cat now at peace at Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken but your problems were so severe that we couldn't put you through anymore. We will never forget our beloved and special little girl.
Roz and Ian (foster mum and dad) and everyone at West Lothian Cats Protection xxxxxx

In loving memory of Theo, who was PTS on 02/09/08. We only had you a few short weeks but you have made a lasting mark in our hearts. You were a very special boy and will be deeply missed byLynda, Bill  and Heather (your foster family) and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

In loving memory of Wallace, our own wee Braveheart, sadly PTS 10/10/08 to end your suffering following a horrendous accident. You fought so courageously but in the end it was kinder to let you go. We're glad that in your last days you knew the love that Cats Protection can give and were warm and cared for by the wonderful staff at Lamonds. Have fun at Rainbow Bridge with Maddie little man. Till we meet again. Lots of love Roz, Heather and all at West Lothian Cats Protection
A big thank you to Harry, our vet, who worked tirelessly to try to save Wallace

Happy memories of Pepe, a very special cat who touched the lives of everyone who knew him. Together again with his brother and soulmate Levi at Rainbow Bridge. The time we knew you was all too short but it was long enough to leave pawprints on our hearts. Missed by is all, Claire, Angus and Sirius (your forever family) and everyone at West Lothian Cats Protection xxxxxx

Precious memories of Marley, our beautiful, purring, sweet black angel, now resting under the stars. God takes the best, so he called for you, but you remain forever in our hearts, our gentle little boy.
Roz and Ian your foster mum and dad xxxxxxx

In loving memory of Kleeia, sadly taken too soon on 13/12/08. She only just
found her first forever home and all the comforts within after 13 years of
outside living and 3 months in foster care (mostly hugging the boiler and her
companion Tauri). 
A character that will never be forgotten.
Sorely missed by Tauri, new Mum Carol and Greg (foster Dad).

In loving memory of dainty wee Flossie, sadly PTS before we could give you a second chance. We hope your last days were comfortable and you knew the love and care that Cats Protection can bring.
All at West Lothian and Sharyn and the volunteers at the Arbroath shelter.
[Sadly Flossie's hearing problems were diagnosed as malignant tumours and it was kinder to end her suffering]

Sadly our beloved Snowflake died due to kidney failure. We will miss your wee grunts and groans. Formerly a Cats Protection cat. 
Love from Angela, Jamie, Amy and your feline companion, Tibby

To Sally, my brave little soldier. We miss you lots and hope you are having fun with your brother Sam at Rainbow Bridge. Love you forever, Mum & Dad (Ena & Will) and Leo xx

Precious memories of Sabre (Gowlaren Goldentouch) our gentle giant. One of nature's true gentleman and a beautiful animal both inside and out. Reunited at Rainbow Bridge with your wee hunting buddy, Minnie. No time on earth is long enough to share with those we love or to prepare our hearts for goodbye. Sleep tight, precious boy, till we meet again.Mummy and Daddy (Roz and Ian) xxxxxx
"The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living"

Precious memories of Freyja, a tiny undersized kitten rescued along with her mum and dad, Loki and Odin. All her littermates had died and sadly she also suffered similar genetic problems to them. Sadly her health issues were too much as she developed heart failure and was put to sleep on 11.09.09. She was only with her foster mum a short time but long enough to feel loved and safe for the first time in her short life. 
Very much missed and always remembered by her foster mum Andrea.

"The pain of loss is the price of love."

In loving memory of Tigger who sadly passed away after only knowing the love of his new owner for two short weeks. Now at peace at Rainbow Bridge. Sadly Tigger lost his fight for life at the vets due to complications following ear problems which turned out to be tumours. Remembered always by Claudia, all at West Lothian Branch and Anne from Stonehaven Branch.
Fondly remembering Willow, our braw wee cat who was sadly run over on 30/1/10 aged just 4. We only had you for 3 years but you will never be forgotten. We loved your determination and feisty spirit. You were a real 'daddy's girl' who brought joy to our home.
Alan and Patricia

Wonderful memories that will last forever of our precious, purry, furry angel Peaches. Such a special little mummy's boy who lived in his own special wee world but who had great character and was a real trooper with an amazing strength to hold onto life. You won many battles before you lost the war. Whatever we did for you is so small compared with the joy and unconditional love you gave us for three happy years. Released from your suffering 10/03/10 so your soul could soar. You touched our lives and we will never forget you. xxxxx
Roz and Ian (foster mum and dad) and all at West Lothian Cats Protection

Cherished memories of beautiful wee Saffy, sadly PTS 21/04/10.
A black and white purring machine and the most wonderful companion for 18 years. My home will never be the same without you. Things I'll never forget - how you'd constantly lick my hands and face (not so nice at 5am when I'm trying to sleep though). How you'd squeeze my fingertip when I tickled your paw! How you'd chatter in reply when I spoke to you. How you had to try a bit of everything I ate!
You will never be forgotten - and never be replaced.
All my love, Frank.

Guy was a young black and white boy who came into Cats Protection care too late for our vets to be able to help him but in the short time he was with us we loved him so much, even when he was so unwell he still purred and wanted cuddles and tried to play. He touched all our hearts greatly and it was with deep regret  that we finally had to make the decision to let him go. He cuddled into our arms at the vets as he drifted off to the long sleep where he could finally rest in peace.
Jackie, Douglas, Flora and Veronica

In loving memory of Murphy - our fierce little monster cat. PTS on 27 Oct 2010 due to an illness. He played in the heather, loved his dad's lap and made us a family. We miss you and will never forget how lucky we were to find you that night in Faucheldean. 
Rest in peace, big boy, until we see you again.

In loving memory of Fluffy a Cats Protection cat who was sadly PTS before she could be rehomed but who spent her last weeks being thoroughly spoiled by her foster mum and dad Pam and Kenny.

Precious memories of Donald, a sweet natured old cat who we nursed back to health after finding him in a terrible state. Sadly he had only been adopted by his devoted new owner for a few weeks when he developed kidney problems and had to be PTS. We will always remember him. 
Dave and Betty, his foster mum and dad, Jane his loving mum and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

Cherished memories of Lowrie, a much loved old boy who was tragically found by us too late to help him. During his time with us he couldn't have been looked after better or more loved by his devoted foster mum Pam and Kenny. 

In memory of wee Tiny who was not strong enough to survive and who only lived for two weeks. Just a little bud who is flowering and running free with the butterflies and angels in a garden elsewhere. Tiny will always be remembered with love by foster Mum Lorna.

In loving memory of Zuki who sadly passed away while in foster care as his illness was too advanced for us to save him. We tried our best little man and we were praying for you to get better but you are free of pain now your suffering is over. We loved your feisty, cheeky nature. Have fun at Rainbow Bridge with all our other treasures, until we meet again. Roz and Ian your foster mum and dad and all the West Lothian volunteers. xxxxx

In memory of Gimli, an Arbroath foster cat, and beloved companion to Puka, who sadly passed away following complications during a routine dental. You had a loving home waiting for you with your soulmate Puka but tragically it was not meant to be. Rest in peace precious boy. Remembered by all the volunteers at both the Arbroath and the West Lothian branches.

Precious memories of Charlie, a wonderful old boy who passed away in his sleep after spending just 5 months with his loving forever family. You were a firm favourite of all the West Lothian volunteers and a much loved member of the Kelly family. When you came to us you were so ill and we are delighted that you pulled through and were able to spend your last months with a truly wonderful family who adored you. We all miss you so much and will never forget you. Agnes, Scott, Shannon and Scott and all at the West Lothian branch xxx

In loving memory of Paddy, a charming old chap who was found searching for rescue by a busy road. We took him in and was cared for throughout the weekend until he could be checked by a vet. Sadly, he was in poor health, had tumours and was in pain and the kindest thing was to let him go. After living rough for goodness knows how long it is a comfort to know his last few days were in the safety, quiet and warmth of our home. Thank you West Lothian Cats Protection for your support in helping Paddy have a dignified end. Jo, David and Bonny.

Precious and everlasting memories of our wonderful Hannah (Adwelsh Little Misbehavin) 
12/06/1997 - 05/04/2011.
You were just a baby when we first met you and you melted our hearts. For the next twelve years you were far more to us than a cat. You were the light and the love of our lives and you showed us the true meaning of unconditional love. The house is so empty without you - we have a hole in our hearts that will never heal. We miss you so much - our loving, funny wee bundle of nonsense.
Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge our purry furry angel. Thank you for everything you did to enrich our lives. Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxxxx

It is with great sadness that after long discussions with our vet and a lot of soul searching we sadly had to make the heart rending decision to let wee Elmo ‘go on the long journey'. His illness was such that it was impossible to rehome him. When the time came he was not alone. We said our goodbyes and his foster dad held him, talking to him all the time, while he quietly slipped away. His ashes were returned to his foster dad and although he cannot bring himself to scatter them, he knows he will do someday and Elmo will always have a special place in his heart as he did in all of ours. Thank you Elmo for allowing us to be a special part of your life You are at peace now.

Sadly Oscar died peacefully but unexpectedly. He was a gentle old soul who never stopped loving even after his owner abandoned him. We know he will be in a happier place at Rainbow Bridge and will never feel sadness again. Our condolences to his carers at the Inverurie and Alford Branch on behalf of the West Lothian Branch.

Boris, sadly and unexpectedly PTS on 26/09/11. You were my gentle old soul who just wanted to be loved. You came to us in such a state but after some TLC you bounced back and were full of life. You deserved nothing but the best and I really tried to give you that and I hope that the few months you were with me were happy ones. I'm so sorry I wasn't with you at the end but you were taken so suddenly that this couldn't be helped. You will always have a special place in my heart and I hope I gave you half as much love as you gave me. You will never be forgotten, love you always. Foster Mummy Heather and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

Denzel was sadly taken from us on 10/10/11. He was a loving big chap who'd had an upsetting few years. He had been in our care twice and we are sorry we couldn't find that special home for him. He was a wonderful boy who was always pleased to see you and had so much love to give. Denzel was well cared for over his last few months and his carer has found his passing very difficult. You were obviously too good for this earth and we know you are at peace among the angels. 
Carer Lesley and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

Precious memories of TJ, a legend and a wonderful, unique and deliciously eccentric wee cat who we had the pleasure and privilege of being owned by for 4½ happy years. We are broken hearted at your passing but after beating so many illnesses it was your time to go. Together again at Rainbow Bridge with your soulmate and lifelong companion Peaches and your first mum Sandra. We miss you so much little man, and we thank you for all the good times we had together. Thanks go to Michael for everything he did for TJ.
"Little one, fly free, where the fields are green and filled with friends gone before. We will carry you always, your pawprints ever beating, running joyously to greet me whenever we call
and memory stirs in our hearts." Mummy and Daddy (Roz & Ian) and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

A quiet and gentle old man, Kassidy sadly left us on 24/11/11. You came to us in a dreadful state after spending who knows how long out in the cold. You were so grateful for every little thing we gave you and you loved to curl up in your cosy heated bed. We are so sorry we didn’t find you sooner, if we had things might have been different but as it was your time was coming to an end. It is now your time to run free across the rainbow and into the garden of the angels. May you be surrounded in love forever and have your place among the stars. “If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, we’d walk the path to heaven and bring you back again". Love foster Mummy and Daddy (Roz and Ian) and all at West Lothian Cats Protection.

A young boy of only 5, Seamus could no longer keep up the fight and was PTS on 24/06/11. You had a life with much sadness and the first time you came to us was because your family could no longer look after you. It was a new start for you and we wanted to make sure that the rest of your life was happy and full of love. Sadly when we did manage to find you a new home you were later returned to us because of your ill health. At this point you had many health issues and the kindest thing for us to do was let you go on your journey to Rainbow Bridge. We are sorry that we couldn’t do more for you but we know you are safe and warm and will never know sadness again. "Off in the distance; the trumpets would blow, all would look up; and notice a bright glow, the harps would play; and the angels would sing, as another pet has come home; who had earned his wings". Be at peace little one. All at West Lothian Cats Protection.

In loving memory of our Lucy Lou. We only had 6 short but loving months with you our beloved Lucy. Tragically taken from us in an RTA, only 2 years old. We so wanted to give you your forever home with us and grow old with us but it wasn't to be. The day I got that awful phone call my heart broke in two. Our hearts are aching, we will never forget you. Loving you always and forever, Stella, James & Zoe X.

We only had Abbie for a short while, and in those months we gave her the best retirement we could. Wherever you are, Abbie, may the fires be warm and the mice be fat. Love Hayley & Pete xxx