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We are still rehoming cats but due to the current circumstances it is taking longer than normal to get our cats through our pre- homing process. This is in turn is having an impact on the number of cats on our webiste.

At the moment our fabulous team are matching cats with applications that have been submitted online. If you would like to adopt a cat, then please complete our online form and one of our team will be in touch as soon as they can to help find you the purrfect feline companion.

As we are experiencing a high volume of enquiries for each cat, we are unfortunately unable to contact everyone individually so we will only contact the successful adopter in the first instance. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Come and meet our cats at our regular Family Rehoming Days in Livingston

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Given that our care costs are generally in excess of £150 per cat (and can be over £1,000), we ask for an adoption fee of £100 per adult cat and £120 for a kitten up to 6 months old (home to home adoptions are different). All money received helps to cover the cost of veterinary treatment and caring for the cats in our care.   

Thank you for considering giving one of our cats a second chance. Although the decision to share your home with a new cat should not be taken lightly, we are here to help.

Whether you are new to cats or an old hand, please take some time to learn more about them. Cats Protection provide a lot of online Information; the Essential Guides are a good place to start.

Before adopting, please remember that cats are not cheap, that you will have a responsibility to care for them, and that they can live well into their 20s.

We always need homes for our charges but the cats come first, so please bear in mind that:
  • A home visit is required before any cat will be rehomed.
  • If you are a tenant, your tenancy agreement must allow the new cat.
  • An adoption fee must be paid (please see above)
  • We will not rehome an outdoor cat near a busy road, railway, etc.
  • All our cats are rehomed as outdoor cats unless they have certain medical conditions, (e.g. deaf, blind or FIV), or are lifelong indoor cats.
  • A single kitten cannot be homed where (s)he will be left alone for long periods.
  • We must meet whoever will be the companion to the cat - we do not rehome cats as any kind of surprise present or usually over the Christmas period (Dec 18th to Jan 2nd inclusive).
  • After adopting, if you are no longer able to look after the cat, then (s)he must be returned to our care and not passed onto (or sold to) a third party (unless we agree that it is in the best interests of the cat).
Forever Cat If not put off, have peace of mind that all our cats looking for their forever homes have been (see FAQ for home to home cats):
  • Checked for general medical and dental health by a vet (including dental work and teeth cleaning if necessary); tested for FIV and FeLV if deemed to be in a high risk category (except kittens under 6 months, where tests are unreliable); treated for fleas and worms.
  • Vaccinated against cat flu (feline rhinotracheitis herpesvirus and feline calicivirus), feline infectious enteritis, also called feline panleucopaenia (feline panleucopenia virus, also called feline parvovirus), and feline leukemia virus (FeLV). The vaccination schedule is an initial course of two doses 3-4 weeks apart, followed by annual boosters.
  • Microchipped (if not already) and Neutered (if not already and unless under 4 months old in which case you must commit to neutering them when they reach that age)
  • Insured for 4 weeks for any new conditions from the date of adoption, courtesy of Pet Plan

Please click on the individual photos below to find out more about our current motley crew.