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Branch is open !

28 September 2023

Welcome to our Branch Website !We have now opened our doors again for rescue and adoption. With a brand new team , and some of the long term experienced volunteers , we are commited to be of service to you, but more importantly, to the cats in need in our area.With 6 new pens, an experienced TNR guy , new fosterers and cat care assistants, we have worked hard and long behind to scene to get everything up and running again, after a long delay due to covid and other circumstances.The fully trained...

Make Christmas Magical

08 December 2020

Deep down, there’s a little part in all of us that wants to believe there’s something magic about Christmas. And, in a household where a loved cat has gone missing, having them returned as if by magic is everyone’s Christmas wish. So this Christmas, we’re asking you to help restore the magic of a full house, and prevent the heartache caused by lost cats all year round. Any donation you can make will help reunite cats like Casper, whose microchip revealed loving owners ...