Poisons - What to Look out for

This is a selection of the plants in your garden which could be poisonous to cats, and quite often prove fatal. This list is not exhaustive.


It is nice to give and receive the give of flowers but please be aware that the following can cause harm :

Clematis : Delphinium : Lily of the Valley : Foxglove ; Rhododendron : Poinsettia : Hydrangea : Mistletoe : Hyacinth : Holly : Busy Lizzie : Laburnum : Lillies

Other dangersous items are :

Antifreeze : Petrol : Paint and Paint remover : Glue : Bleach : Disinfectant : Detergents

If you have a suspicion that your cat has eaten any of the above, contact a vet immediately. Do not try to make the cat vomit. Whilst waiting for the vet keep the cat comfortable in quiet surroundings