Feral Cat Colonies

**Urgent**  can you assist with trapping and transportation of feral cats, you do not handle the cats we have specialised traps and trasportation baskets - please help call us on  07815 910861 or email enquiries@inverness.cats.org.uk

Feral cats are those either born wild or that have lived so long away from humans that they can no longer be found new homes as pets. They are the same species as our pets and are equally protected in law.

An uncontrolled feral colony will grow quickly; the cats will be susceptible to disease and may also become a nuisance. Simply removing the cats is not a long-term solution, as a new colony will soon move in. To neuter all of the resident feral cats within as short a time frame as possible. Over a period of years this will reduce the size of the colony. A controlled, healthy and manageable colony will deter other ferals from moving in and will keep vermin levels down.