Local Feral Colony

Attached is a copy of a thank you letter we received, content as below:-

Dear Cats Protection

Please accept this cheque as a small way to express my gratitude for the marvellous help I’ve had from the Cats Protection.

My husband died suddenly last year, and although I love my cats, they seemed to be just another problem. Then a friend of mine, **** *****, gave me CPs number and what a breath of fresh air she has been. She didn’t seem to be at all fazed by the number of cats I was feeding, and nothing was too much trouble for her. I don’t drive, so couldn’t even help with transporting of them to and from the vet’s.

I know I had a fair number of cats, around 24 I thought, but 37 ???! They all look so much better since being neutered, and although it would be stretching to say they are friendly, they are definitely more relaxed. It’s made such a difference especially to the less able ones, like **** favourite, cross eyed Clarence who looks as if he has all the problems of the world on his shoulders, the little one who’s front leg had been broken at some point, the grey one who’s is blind in one eye.
I feed badgers as well as the cats as it is lovely to see them together – the cats are not in the least intimidated by the badgers.
really can’t thank you enough for all the help I’ve had from you. I dread to think how many kittens would have been born this summer if the cats hadn’t had their pom-poms snipped off as **** so delicately put it! I am so pleased that the one we did get, lovely little Dougal, has found a good home.
So thank you so much, especially the lovely ****, and all the support she has had for the Cats Protection. click here to some photos