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Daisy and Lily settle in.

11 August 2014
We've heard from Daisy and Lily's new family, it sounds like they're doing really well.

We appear to have had some personality changes in Daisy & Lily's relationship. As you know, Lily had an extremely dominant personality when the entire litter was staying with you. Well, Daisy has soon caught up! It has
been a great time to bring them into our home, as my son Nick is home from school and daughter Gemma is back from Uni, so they have play-friends even when we are at work. Having two kittens together, they seem to spend the majority of the day chasing each other, play-fighting, cuddling each other and their favourite game - playing football with a rolled up piece of paper (they like the noise better than a small ball!) 
Daisy has become quite a lap cat in the evenings- & quite jealous if Lily stops playing long enough to come for
a cuddle! - even though their are four laps to choose from ! It was my birthday last week & as you can see, Lily, the clown, tried to make herself into a present! 
They clearly adore each other & sleep intertwined, which is so lovely to  see. They also both eat well - I know that you were concerned about Daisy getting her share! It is no problem at all- in fact she appears to be slightly bigger than Lily now - although I think that is because Lily rarely sits still, so burns up a few more calories!  
 After losing our last cat- Suky - and having a long break (18 months) we were well and truly ready for the immense joy that they have brought into the house. After just 2 weeks, I cannot imagine our lives without them now.  Thank you for everything,