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Penwortham Shop leads the region with VCIP level 4 award

27 August 2017

Congratulations are due to the volunteers and staff at our Penwortham shop for all their hard work which has led to us being awarded the Level 4 Volunteer Champions In Practice award from CP nationally. Many thanks to Lesley Fishleigh, our shop manager, who has led the Penwortham shop team to this success. We are the first shop in the region to achieve VCIP Level 4. It's hard to believe that we've managed this just eight ...

Shirley and Lesley are going to Zip It!

08 May 2017

Our Branch Co-ordinator Shirley Chisnall and shop Manager Lesley Fishleigh are off to Wales in October to face a real challenge. On 28 October 2017, they are doing the World's Fastest Zip Wire which is also the longest in Europe in Bangor, Wales. They will be strapped to the zip wire in a flying suit travelling face-first at speeds in excess of 100mph. See the video for an idea at: https://www.zipworld.co.uk/adventure/detail/velocityLesley says "This is ...