What we do

In 2021, the Cats Protection branches from East Lancashire and Preston joined together to create one strong team of passionate feline lovers ready to develop new, exciting plans to help cats and kittens in need across a larger area of communities.

The Preston branch has been a huge success for many years, achieving Cats Protection’s main goals of homing cats in need, neutering, and educating the public about feline welfare.

In 2020, Preston became a neutering only branch due to changes within the team of volunteers. With East Lancashire also having been a neutering only branch since its recent beginnings - and with it being so close to Preston - we saw joining the two branches together as a great opportunity to once again meet all of Cats Protection’s goals.

By combining efforts, growing our team, and connecting with more communities, we’re aiming to make a lasting difference to the welfare of cats and kittens in our area.

We are a group of unpaid volunteers who work to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned cats and kittens, increase cat neutering in the area, as well as educate the local community about cat welfare to improve their understanding of cats and their care. 

The Preston and East Lancashire branch carries out their work in the following postcode areas - BB1 to BB12, BB18, OL13, PR1 to PR7, PR25 and PR26

The primary objectives of the Cats Protection charity nationally are as follows:

1. Homing - Finding good homes for cats in need
2. Neutering - Supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats
3. Information - Improving people's understanding of cats and their care
If you need help with neutering costs, and are not in the area covered by a voluntary branch, please contact the Cats Protection National Cat Centre for advice and for neutering help, and your next nearest independent cat rescue group for rescue and rehoming. You can find CP branches at www.cats.org.uk and other rescues at www.catchat.org

We are not an emergency service, or a veterinary charity. For help with vet bills (other than neutering), please contact the PDSA, RSPCA or Blue Cross. In an emergency, please contact a qualified vet. To report the neglect or abuse of a cat, please contact the RSPCA national helpline on 03000 1234 999.

You can contact us by phone on 01282 922046, by email at enquiries@eastlancs.cats.org.uk or via our contact form on the relevant page of this website.

You can find us on Facebook HERE and also Instagram HERE