What we do

The aims of Cats Protection are :-

   1. To rescue stray and unwanted cats and kittens and rehabilitate and rehome them where possible
   2. To encourage the neutering of cats and kittens
   3. To inform the public on the care of cats and kittens

We cannot help with injured or sick stray cats, or emergency situations. Please call the RSPCA national helpline for advice. We do not have the resources to provide a temporary fostering service. 

Preston Branch has sixteen volunteer fosterers and twenty there foster pens. Because of the huge demand for spaces, we have to use a waiting list system for cats needing our help. Every time we rehome a cat, we have another one waiting for that place. We are always full to capacity. Whenever a cat is adopted from us, the new owner has the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped that cat, and the next cat in that pen.

We are one of the most successful branches in the country for neutering. Our neutering volunteer is Val Chew, and with help from other volunteers, the support of local vets, and financial help from the National Cat Centre's neutering voucher scheme, she organises the neutering of thousands of cats every year. She has been doing this for over twenty years now.

Volunteers from Preston Branch are available to give talks to groups in the area that we cover, from school reception classes to pensioners' social groups.

We cover the PR1 - PR7, and the PR25/PR26 postcode areas. If you are outside those areas, please contact your local voluntary branch or your nearest CP adoption centre. If you need help with neutering costs, and are not in the area covered by a voluntary branch, please contact the Cats Protection National Cat Centre for advice and for neutering help, and your nearest independent cat rescue group for rescue and rehoming. You can find CP branches at www.cats.org.uk and other rescues at www.catchat.org