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Thank you Carolyn

18 August 2016
Thank you Carolyn We expect many of our members will have adopted from Carolyn Higginson in Leyland. After 16 years as a volunteer, Carolyn has decided to give up fostering, for personal reasons. We are very sorry to lose her as a fosterer, but hope that she will continue to be a member and supporter of the branch. Her lovely pen was next to her chicken run, giving the foster cats plenty to pique their interest. We estimate that she has helped around a hundred cats and kittens over the years, giving them a safe place to live until a new home came along. She has done a fantastic job, with help from her husband Hadrian. Special thanks go to her trusty dad who cared for the resident cats whenever Carolyn and Hadrian were on holiday.
We hope that Carolyn has many happy memories of her time as a CP volunteer fosterer.
The picture is of Smudge, Carolyn's last foster cat, who has now been rehomed.