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That itch might not be the cat's fault.

20 April 2015

Allergy sufferers urged to battle the allergy, rather than re-home their cats

This Allergy Awareness Week (20 – 26 April 2015), Cats Protection is urging cat owners in Lancashire to think treatment first prior to making the decision to give a cat away.

Many cats were brought into the charity’s Preston Branch in 2014 due to allergies. The number of cats brought to the charity because of allergies rose by 10% nationally.

Jeanette Greaves, spokesperson for Preston Branch said: “Allergic reactions aren’t fun – nobody wants itchy eyes or a blocked nose. However, in many cases allergies can be managed. We are urging cat lovers everywhere to consider all treatment options, only giving their cat away as a last resort.”

Allergies aren’t a life sentence and that there are a number of ways to reduce triggers. In some cases, cat owners with dust or other allergies are placing the blame mistakenly on their cats.

To conquer an allergy people should first consult their doctor, and then consider the following tips for easing symptoms:

Using antihistamine tablets or nasal spray

Having hardwood floors instead of carpets and using blinds instead of curtains

Avoiding woollen clothing

Creating cat-free zones, particularly bedrooms

Opening windows for at least one hour every day and moving the litter tray and cat bed away from air vents

Regularly cleaning rooms where the cat sleeps

Grooming your cat outdoors on a daily basis

Washing your cat’s bed regularly

Using Bio-life Petal Cleanse, which has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of 90 per cent of sufferers

“If you’re concerned that you or a family member might be allergic to your cat, assess the situation by having a trial separation to help rule in or rule out your cat as the cause and if you’re a cat fan thinking about bringing your first furry friend into your home, then be allergy aware and visit a friend or family with a cat - if you have a serious allergy you’ll soon be sure of it.” said Jeanette.

Allergic reactions can be caused by a number of triggers/allergens – and almost anything can cause an allergic reaction, with the severity of reaction ranging from person to person. For the most part, symptoms can include itchy and watery eyes, sneezing or a blocked or runny nose, itchy skin or coughing and wheezing.

For further information on cats and their care, please consult our website at www.cats.org.uk