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Summer Campaign 2022

28 June 2022
Summer Campaign 2022
Please support us if you can.

Throughout the Summer months, we are frequently contacted by people concerned about female cats who are either pregnant or have kittens. Some of these cats are street cats who have to fend for themselves, and others are owned by people who have not had their cats neutered and so, before long, find themselves dealing with kittens that they hadn't planned. Sometimes this situation can quickly get out of hand when a nursing queen goes back into season and soon becomes pregnant again. Often, these cats come into our care needing additional support, either for themselves or their kittens.  

Could you consider helping us to support more cats like these by donating to our Summer fundraiser? 
No amount is too small. Everything goes a long way to enable us to continue to help cats that need us.


This time of year can be very hard for unneutered female cats as they come into season and are pursued by males. They can be mated several times and carry more than one litter simultaneously. Many stray queens go on to give birth outside and in dangerous locations. Last year we heard about one such female who had her babies by the side of the road and subsequently lost her life to it. Thankfully, we were able to take care of her kittens and find them a wonderful loving home.

This year we have already had numerous kittens, including hand rears. Pearl, a lovely queen, is currently in our care with her boisterous little ones.

She nurtures them, cares for them, feeds them and teaches them how to become confident, happy and friendly kittens. She can do this because she is now in the safe care of one of our amazing fosterers. One of Pearl’s kittens struggled to thrive, and at one point we were very worried that we would lose him. He had numerous vet visits, but thankfully Darwin pulled through and is now doing much better.

Can you help us support Pearl, her kittens and the other queens and kittens that we will support this year? Any help that you can offer, no matter how small, will help us secure the future for cats like Pearl.