Feedback from people who have adopted cats from us is always welcome and we will be happy to put such reports and photos on this page as they make interesting reading!


28 February 2019

Supporters of RCP who are on Facebook will have recently been made aware of our move to a Facebook page. The decision to move away from Facebook groups was made by Cats Protection Head Office and means that we can give priority to Rugby cats that are in need of new homes, are strays, have gone missing or been found. We hope that our followers will continue to support us and post about everything "cat" in the community section of the Facebook page. Admins and moderators will monitor these posts ...

What to do if you find a cat

10 August 2017

What to do if you find a cat. Each week we get calls from people who have found a cat and don’t know what to do. The cat might be one that they have seen around for a while, or has suddenly appeared and seems to be around frequently. Here are some steps that we recommend you take before contacting us. 1. Don’t Feed Cats are very good at pretending to be ravenous, and so will very rarely turn down a good meal. We strongly recommend against feeding ...

Rehoming Requests

19 July 2017

A message from Admin: Friends of RCP, we are currently receiving a high number of requests for re-homing and are reaching breaking point. Requests are currently coming in on a daily basis. In the last week alone, we have been asked to help re-home 16 cats. We are already full and have a significant waiting list. You can help us by sharing our adoption adverts and helping to spread the word of those cats looking for new homes. If anyone you know is looking to add a feline friend to their family, ...


29 June 2015

URGENT MESSAGE If you are moving and know that you will need to re-home your cat(s), please contact us as soon as you are aware of the situation. Due to the sheer volume of cats that we are trying to help we are rarely able to bring a cat into branch immediately and so most people will be placed on a waiting list and offered our direct re-homing service. At present we are getting lots of calls from people who are giving us just a few days notice; sometimes less. More often than not, this leaves ...