What we do

Founded in 1927 Cats Protection is Britain’s oldest national charitable organisation created solely for the welfare of cats. It receives no government funding and is supported only by donations from the public.

Local volunteers established Rugby’s branch in October 2004 to cover postcodes CV21 and 22, and CV23 whenever possible. Its aim is the care and welfare of stray and unwanted cats and kittens in the local area until they can be placed in new homes. We do not have a homing centre but volunteer fosterers look after some of these cats and kittens; we do not have the facilities to take them all into care and many are looked after by kindly neighbours, etc. until they can be rehomed.

We have three main objectives :-

1. To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home stray and unwanted cats and kittens.
2. To encourage the neutering of cats and kittens.
3. To educate the public about the care of cats and kittens.

If you are looking to re-home your cat, please try to advertise in the local paper, newsagent, community centre, put up posters and speak to friends/family. Rugby Cats Protection does not have a homing centre and relies on the generosity of a few volunteers who help to foster cats in their home or garden. If you would like us to try to help you rehome your cat, please provide a detailed write up of your cat that can be copy and pasted onto our website. Please remember to include key details such as age, personality (sociable, independent, lazy, placid, lap cat etc), indoor only cat or needs access to outside, whether the cat gets on with other cats and dogs, whether the cat would be suitable for children. Also include information on whether can has been micro-chipped, whether cat is up to date with vaccinations, neutered and health condition. Remember an honest write-up is essential to ensure that we find the best possible home for your cat.

For all enquiries call our Help-line call back service on 0345 2602749, clearly stating your name, full address, contact telephone number and the nature of your enquiry.

Please browse our website to find out more about what we do. You can search for cats and kittens who are currently looking for homes and discover ways of helping us to care for even more needy cats and kittens in the Rugby area.