Feral Cat Information

Feral cats are domestic cats gone wild and they tend to live in colonies or groups. We have a dedicated feral worker in the branch. If we are notified about feral kittens early enough, they can be domesticated. We take them in for fostering and neutering and rehome the lively little ones! With adult ferals, as a branch, we neuter them as soon as possible and return them to their “patch”. Adult ferals are not normally put into a domestic situation as this is not appropriate. It is possible to re-locate ferals to a farm or smallholding location, so do get in touch if you are able to offer some ferals a home like this, to keep the mice down!

If you need any further advice on this topic, please ring the helpline 0345 2602749 and one of our volunteers will be in touch.

Eva Goodwin, Secretary