Ally and Alfie's Happy Ending

Ally and Alfie ( her son)  came into our care after being discovered in Bournemouth, They were found hiding behind a washing machine with lots of other cats but they were by far the most scared of the group.

When they came into our care they were terrified but they soon began to trust, but not more than one person. Alfie is a real mummy's boy and she doted on him making sure nothing harmed him, so we couldn't part them.

Mike & his wife Catherine contacted us looking for two cats and we suggested Ally and Alfie so they came around to visit  despite Ally being reserved when they came, Both Mike and Catherine really liked them so to gain their trust they came to see them often and they soon all began to bond together.

So Ally and Alfie both went to a lovely house were they were given as much time and space as they needed, and were soon ruling the roost there!

 A year or so later a Ginger and White male arrived on their doorstep, Mike and Catherine asked around the local area but no one owned him.
as he and Ally and Alfie got on well together Mike and Catherine decided to add to their collection and they now all live happily together.

Below is a picture of them all enjoying the sunshine.