Found Cat Advice

Found a stray cat?

  • Firstly are you certain the cat is lost? We have had some unfortunate instances where a cat has been taken in by well-meaning people when in fact they only live a couple of doors away! Please make enquiries locally before fearing the worst.
  • If the cat is injured, please take it directly to the nearest vet as soon as possible. 
  • For healthy cats, take them to the vets to be scanned for a microchip, this is the easiest way of reuniting a cat with it's owner. However be prepared that if the cat is not chipped you will likely have to return it to where you found it.
  • If the cat is not chipped it would be worth putting a paper collar on it, in case it is going home. You can download a paper collar here >>>
  • If the cat is not chipped, and there is no response to the paper collar, then check the lsot cats on our page and also on;; and in case it has been reported missing.
  • If you are perpeared to look after the cat until the owner is found then please register it on all of the above, they are all free.
  • Post a photo and brief description on your Facebook page and any local community Facebook groups
  • Tweet a description and photo of the cat on Twitter and ask your followers to retweet – you’ll reach a larger number of people this way
  • If you need the cat to go into care with a rescue then please contact us at and other local rescues, details can be found here >>> However please bear in mind that most rescues do have a finite number of spaces, so are not always able to take a cat in straight away. 
Please take a look at the infographic below.