Lost and Found


Losing a cat can be a very distressing experience; and finding a homeless cat wandering around can sometimes be distressing too, particularly if the found cat is injured, perhaps from a road traffic accident. We therefore offer a free Lost and Found service for Bedford and the surrounding area (postcodes MK40 - MK45 and SG15 -SG19), whereby we keep a register of all cats reported to us as lost or found, and try to re-unite them with their owner.

Reducing the Risks

The single best thing you can do to avoid losing your cat is to ensure that your cat carries suitable identification. A microchip can be very useful - vets can read them, and we also have a microchip reader. It is also worth considering a collar of some kind, complete with up to date identity tag.

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Reporting a Cat to Us

If you would like to report a lost or found cat, please email us at lostandfound@bedford.cats.org.uk. Please remember, we only cover postcodes MK40 - MK45 and SG15 - SG19. For other areas, please click here to find your local branch.

If you would like us to add the cat you are reporting to our website we require the following information supplied to us first:

Your Details:


Contact Number:

Are you happy to have a contact email or number shown: Yes / No

Are you reporting a Lost or Found Cat: Please complete the relevant sections below

About your cat (missing cat)

Type: Short Hair / Long Hair
Neutered: Yes / No
Microchipped: Yes / No (number if available)
Wearing a Collar: Yes / No
Health Issues: Yes / No
Colouring / Description:


Date Last Seen:

Area Last Seen if different from your address

About the cat (found cat) If possible please include a picture with your response as this makes a big difference
Type: Short Hair / Long Hair
Gender (If Known): 
Neutered (if Known): Yes / No
Wearing a Collar: Yes / No
Microchipped: Yes / No / Not scanned
Colouring/ Description:


Date First Seen:
Area currently in if different from your address:

If you are able to supply us with a picture as well then we will place it on our website

We will then search our records and contact you if we have any matches.  If your cat returns home after being reported lost, PLEASE let us know so we can update our records.

Check out our Lost & Found Facebook Page - Please feel free to post your lost/Found cat here also

Some other websites you may find uselful to chack and also allows the public to post lost & found animals are below.

Follow the boxes below to view lost and found cats reported directly to our branch.