Lost Cat Advice

It is always horrible when our cat goes missing, as we feel so helpless. But we hope the below will help you to be reunited with your cat.

  • Firstly, throughly search your own home and garden. Look upder cupboards, in drawers, in washing machines, behind sofas, in boxes. Even if you think the space is too small for a cat, look anyway - you would be suprised what small spaces cats can squeeze themselves into. We have had cases where people have found their cat in a drawer, or under the kitchen units.
  • Go out at quiet times of the day and night calling for them.
  • If they escaped through a window or door, leave it open as much as possible (so long as it is safe to do so) as they will likely try to get back in the way they got out.
  • Speak to neighbours, knock on doors for the surrounding few streets asking them to please OPEN all sheds,  garages and outbuildings for a little while in case they are trapped inside to give them chance to escape.
  • Also check any nearby empty houses/allotments/cat hoarders/feeders. Do also look at peoples windows, downstairs and upstairs, in case they have been taken in, it does happen.
  • Emptying the contents of your vaccum in your garden, or putting their bedding on the line, can also help as they may smell the familiar smells.
  • If you are on social media keep sharing their picture, post on local Facebook groups. Use their picture as your profile picture.
  • Remember not everyone is on social media, so also put up posters and deliver leaflets. Put a reward on your leaflets/posters if you feel you want to but don't say how much
  • Search your garden and neighbours’ gardens regularly in case they are hiding under shrubs/hedges and inside and under sheds, they do this if they are injured.
  • Speak to local vets, not just your own. Details of local vets can be found here >>> http://www.cats.org.uk/bedford/vet-contact-details-page1
  • Email their details and picture to our Lost & Found team, so theycan be added to our website. The email address is lostandfound@bedford.cats.org.uk
  • Notify all other local rescues, details can be found here >> http://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-rescue-centres-bedfordshire
  • If they are microchipped notify the microchip company so a note can be put on their record
  • Check Gumtree, (lost and found and also the ones for sale),
  • Also register them as missing on the following free websites: www.animalsearchuk.co.uk; www.nationalpetregister.org; www.petslocated.com and  www.cataware.co.uk