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Maud & the Silsoe Kittens

20 September 2019
Maud & the Silsoe Kittens

It is not often that we appeal for financial help, but the last 2 weeks have seen 2 cases cost us over £2,700 in vets bills in just over 2 weeks!


The Silsoe kittens came into our care at the age of 3 weeks, when their mother was sadly killed on a road. We set to the task of handrearing them. However one, Emma, had problems feeding. This resulted in her being admitted to the vets 3 times in a week and a half. The last time for a week, where she spent time in a incubator and on a nebuliser. She is currently unable to eat solids, and needs to remain bottle fed until she is 8 weeks old, when she will then be admitted to see if she is able to eat solid food. To date her bill is £1,521.19

Colin  Dennis 

Added to this, Emma's brothers, Colin and Dennis were both rushed to the vets due to collapsing in their pen for no apparent reason. To date this still remains a mystery. At one point we thought we had completely lost Dennis, but he rallied round and both are now doing well. Their bill, between them, was £465.08


Maud, came in as a stray, with what appeared to be a missing eye. Further investigation showed that she still had the eye, but it was necrotising in the socket and needed to be removed. Her bill, to date is £739.38

Any assistance that can be given to help the branch with these non-standard vets costs is greatly appreciated. This can be done via our JustGiving link >>> https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/maudandthesilsoekittens