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There are many ways in which you could become actively involved in helping local cats to live a better life.

Cats Protection welcomes volunteers with open arms, whether you are young or old, male or female, there's a place for you with us!

Volunteering is the most worthwhile thing you can ever do. It gives a real sense of achievement, allows the development of new skills
and the social possibilities are endless!

Current Volunteer Opportunities in the Branch are as follows: 



  • Fund Raising .   Helping us to sell goods at our outside events, and with the packing and unpacking of the goods at the end of the day.  Must be around during the day and have transportation  
  • Car Boot Sellers
    More people are needed to help us at car boot sales to sell our goods. We will provide the items for sale and will also provide Cats Protection table clothes and banners, all you need to do is to provide the transportation and take the items to a car boot sale on our behalf!

Cat Welfare  

  • Fosterers - Full time and Emergency
    People to care for our cats before they are rehomed. You will need one dedicated room in your home that can be used to house the cats that you will be caring for.  This is solely for the purpose of keeping any infection the cat may have confined, so that it will not infect the whole house.  Everything else will be provided ... including the cats!


Please contact us if you are interested.