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Speaking up for cats – what it means

Our Advocacy team speaks up for cats and campaigns for change across the UK. We work with and influence politicians and decision makers to create a better world for cats. All advocacy campaigns are driven by issues of cat welfare.

Madison Rogers, Head of Advocacy, Campaigns & Government Relations says: “One of our aims is to make sure cats are not forgotten by decision makers. Cats are often regarded as not needing protection, that they are able to look after themselves. However they do need protection and through our advocacy work we are highlighting where policy change is needed.”

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Follow the Advocacy & Government Relations team on X (formerly Twitter) @CatsAdvocacy


Write to the Head of Advocacy, Campaigns & Government Relations at; National Cat Centre, Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, RH17 7TT

Our campaign activity

  • Help make microchipping compulsory for cats in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - click here
  • Air guns petition - click here
  • Manifesto for Cats - click here
  • Cats and kittens sales campaign - click here
  • Read the advice from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau about fraudsters selling kittens and puppies online - click here
  • Membership of the Pet Advertising Advisory Group - click here
  • Preventing dog attacks on cats - read our briefing notes or to read about a community policing initiative, click here
  • Raising consumer awareness of lily toxicity to cats - click here
  • Calling for a ban on snares - click here
  • Read about our advocacy work in 2021's Annual Review
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