Who we are - Our stars

If you ever wondered, here is a list of all the hard working volunteers that work tirelessly to keep
the Bracknell & Wokingham Districts branch running, without them all we would cease to exist!

Branch Coordinator 
   Nikki Butcher 
Branch Treasurer
   Liz Spooner
Collections Officer
   Susan Lloyd
Collections setup/takedown
Ferals Coordinator 
    Postion vacant
Food Organisation & Distribution                   
    Janey Bethune-Williams & Angela Michie
Fosterer Volunteers                                             
    Brenda Metcalf, Lesley Adams,  Julie Lucas, 
    Linda Thompson, Nikki Butcher, Vanessa Shurville, 
    Vicky Robson, Gayle Ridout, Natalie Greenstreet, 
    Pauline Shipp, Kate Fowler, Olga Khakhamova, 
    Ali Clements, Jan Chivers, Karen Hurworth,
    Alex Cutting,  Barbara Franklin,
    Yvette Cutliffe and Barry Goldsworthy
Fund Raising Team                       
    Janey Bethune-Williams & Angela Michie
Home Visitor Volunteers                                
    Sue Alcock, Maureen Bradly, Evelyn & Ian Overton
    Annie Pack, Corinne Bellaby, Anne-Marie Griffiths, 
    Nicola Locke, Beth Yeatman,
Homing Officer 
    Vicky Robson
Homing Team Assistant & Fosterer Support                        
    Evelyn Overton
ID badge administration
   Nikki Butcher
Incoming Enquiries Volunteer 
    Susan Dyson
Invoice Checker 
   Pru Barrett
Jewellery sorter                                
    Mika Karwal                           
Leaflet / brochure collation              
    Elaine Gowans
Litter Ordering & Distribution          
    Corinne Bellaby
Lost & Found Team                       
   Clare McCafferty, Phil Metcalf and Anne Young
Membership, ID cards and Pawprints distribution                                   
    Nikki Butcher
Microchip Administrator
    Sharon Holt
Neutering Officer                         
    Simon Butcher
PawPrints/Newsletter Volunteer                               
   Lynne Pothecary
PenFriends (Pen Sponsorship Scheme)
    Nikki Butcher
Publicity Officer                                 
    Lynne Pothecary                    
Social Media Volunteer  (Website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)                                      
    Lynne Pothecary
Videos and Website photographer 
    Julie Lucas
Welfare Officer
Annie Pack  
Team Volunteers                               
   Anne Young, Alison Clements,Clare McCafferty, 
    Phil Metcalf, Pru Barrett, Susan Dyson,
    Sharon Holt, Nancy Hynes and Sue Alcock
150 Club    
    Nikki Butcher 
Volunteer Secretary Committee Minutes 
    Brenda Metcalf