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Hettie & LettieCambridge

Meet Hettie and Lettie! These purrfectly lovely Mum and kitten need a very special home in a semi-rural location.
Their background is Mum (Hettie) is a feral and was caught at the local recycling plant after having had many litters of kittens, of which she lost many. She was caught heavily pregnant and proceeded to deliver 5 beautiful kittens in our care. The other 4 kittens have found lovely homes in pairs.
Now Lettie (kitten), who is delightfully good natured, purrs like a tractor and just wants cuddles and to sit on your lap. Lettie would love a home with her mum Hettie, where Hettie can be kept in for 3 weeks and then let out to be an outdoor cat, whilst and Lettie can grow up to be a lovely domestic friendly cat with free access to a safe outdoor space through a cat flap.
If you think you can provide these special two the home together that they both deserve, please contact Cambridge Cats Protection on 01223 528312.

Gender Female
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Tortoiseshell
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat No