Lost and Found

This page is for lost and found cats in the Cambridge, UK area. If you are in another area please find your local branch by entering your postcode at http://www.cats.org.uk/find-us 

To add a cat to our register
please email full details including a photo to enquiries@cambridge.cats.org.uk, or call 07889 976463. 

Advice if your cat goes MISSING: check the found cats link below and view "If you've lost your cat" page for full advice.

Advice if you have FOUND a cat, check the lost cats link below and view "Have you found a cat" page for advice.

You might also like to use this web site: AnimalSearch UK which covers all of the UK.

The "lost cats" and "found cats" lists below are local cats reported direct to us, we keep them listed for at least 6 months.