If you have found a cat

This page is for found cats in the Cambridge, UK area. If you are in another area please check your postcode at http://www.cats.org.uk/find-us 

Firstly, consider whether the cat is definitely lost or stray, or whether it probably belongs to a neighbour. Cats are inquisitive and like to explore their neighbourhood, and it's possible that a cat that is hanging around and meowing near your door does have a home!  Whilst this page gives local advice, with local contact details below, the national Cats Protection site gives a great visual guide at https://www.cats.org.uk/help-and-advice/lost-found-and-feral-cats/found-a-cat

Our full set of tips for locating the owner of a FOUND cat, and useful phone numbers are below.

  • If the cat will let you approach him, make a paper collar
    1. You can print out from the template available here
    2. Or use a piece of paper, write “If this is your cat please call this number ……………”
    3. Fasten the collar with a SMALL piece of tape (tape around the whole thing could be dangerous if the cat gets caught in anything). Ensure the fitted collar allows for two fingers to be placed between the collar and the cat’s neck
    4. If no one calls within a few days then the cat may be lost.
    5. Self adhesive paper collars may be available from our Lost and Found Helpline 07889 976463 or enquiries@cambridge.cats.org.uk
  • If you have a secure cat carrier to take him to the nearest vet they will usually be able to scan the cat to see if it has a microchip. If you do not know the vet you may like to call them first to check they will offer this service for free.
  • Check our Lost Cat list at http://cambridge.cats.org.uk/cambridge/lost-and-found
  • Circulate information in the local area. For all these actions you may wish to hold back some details, and request a photo of the missing cat from anyone who contacts you, to be sure the owner is genuine.
    • Make up some notices saying “Cat Found” or these can be obtained from Lost and Found Helpline 07889 976463 or enquiries@cambridge.cats.org.uk.
    • Talk to neighbours and the postman. Do they know of anyone who has lost a cat or if they have seen any Missing Cat posters nearby?
    • Add a post to local social media pages. 
  • Please provide water (not milk, because some cats cannot tolerate it.)
  • If possible provide some shelter ie access to a garage or shed or a cardboard box.
  • If the cat is definitely hungry please feed it, as long as you are sure it is lost or stray and does not have a home to go to. Owned cats will often explore their neighbourhood and can be quite clever at finding additional sources of dinner! Also be aware that sometimes, owned cats may have medical conditions which mean they should only eat a special diet. So it's best to wait until you are sure they are definitely lost or stray and are not regularly going home. 
  • If the owner can not be traced after significant enquiries (you should allow 2 weeks), and you can’t look after the cat yourself, please contact your local rescue centres, details below, ask them to take the cat in to care, and find it a new home.
If you have found a deceased cat:
  • If you have sadly found a deceased cat, then please be aware that the cat will hopefully be identity microchipped. Don't let anyone bury the body without checking for a microchip as it may prevent the owner from ever finding out their pet's fate.
  • If it's during a vet's opening hours, and it's possible for you to take it there, please do so as they would be able to scan it for a chip and contact the owner. If unchipped, they will usually hold the body for a period to allow the owner to claim it. You may like to call the vet first to check their procedure.
  • If you are within Cambridge City, the Street Cleansing team (01223 458282) will check for microchip details before disposing of the remains, and they also keep a register of deceased pets found by their teams in the city to assist bereaved owners. You can use their reporting form on the above link.
  • If it's on a road, do not endanger yourself under any circumstances. However if it's possible to move the body to the side of the road, this simple action is kind and helpful if you are not able to take the cat to the vet yourself.
  • Spread the word:
    • Make up some notices saying “Cat Found” or these can be obtained from Lost and Found Helpline 07889 976463
    • Talk to neighbours and the postman. Do they know of anyone who has lost a cat or if they have seen any Missing Cat posters nearby
    • Add a post to local social media pages.  If in doubt, it is a good idea to ask that any respondents prove ownership by showing a photo of their cat.
Useful contact numbers


  • Cambridge Veterinary Group, Cherry Hinton Road. 01223 249331
  • Vets4Pets, Barnwell Road. 01223 243535
  • Vets4Pets, Beehive (inside Pets at Home) 01223 656965
  • Cambridge Cat Clinic, Cox's Drove, Fulbourn 01223 880707
  • Arbury Road Veterinary Surgery 01223 361911
  • Clarendon Street Veterinary Surgery. 01223 359021
  • Medivet Impington. 01223 232111
  • Village Vet Milton. 01223 426600
  • Belgrave House Veterinary Surgery, Linton 01223 893720
  • Village Vet Whittlesford. 01223 833651
  • Ash Croft Veterinary Surgery, Hardwick. 01954 210250
  • Village Vet Cottenham. 01954 252122
  • Village Vet Longstanton. 01954 780027
Rescue centres:

Other websites to contact:
(Phone numbers & links last checked: 05/09/2021)