Direct Rehoming Scheme

Direct Rehoming Scheme Sometimes a cat owner will be unable to take care of their cat anymore.  We can help the owner find a new home for their pet by posting details of the cat on our website and social media pages for the owner in our direct rehoming scheme.  

We will give prospective adopters as much information as possible although we cannot make any claim to accurate knowledge of the cat's health or suitability.  A direct rehomed cat will not have been in our care and so comes without the usual guarantees that Cats Protection provides, and it will not be insured.  It is a form of private adoption.

We will help connect the current and prospective owners up and advise that the suitability of the new owner is assessed.  We would also advise anyone potentially adopting the cat to find out if the cat has been checked by a vet and is healthy, whether its teeth are in good repair, and whether it is vaccinated, neutered and chipped and when it last had flea and worm treatment. Other questions a potential adopter might like to ask, to check whether the cat will be suited to its possible new home, are whether it has been in a single cat household, whether it is used to children and/or dogs, whether it is used to going outside, and whether it is able to use a cat flap. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

If the cat has not been neutered, Cats Protection will provide the new owner with a voucher to pay for the cost of neutering, but that will be the extent of our involvement in the cat's care.  We are unable to help with veterinary bills that may arise in the future.

There are no adoption fees for Direct Homing - but either party may like to make a donation to the branch(for which we will be very grateful).We ask that carers ensure they have the full name, address and contact details of the adopter so that they can check whether all is going well post-adoption.

For more information about the scheme or to enquire about one of the cats on the scheme please email or call 01227 686191.