Lost and Found

If you wish to report a cat lost or found, please call Donna on 07584 888195 or the centre at Fishcross on 01259 720555 (during normal working hours). Once you have contacted us please email a picture and details to allow the website to be updated. This is just as important for our 'found' cats so if a cat is a regular visitor to your garden please try and take a photo so we can include it on our website along with the details. You can either use the contact form on the website to send your photo or email it directly to forthvalleycplostandfound@gmail.com including any relevant details/description etc.
What to do if you have lost your cat:

Cats are well known for their curiosity and abillity to find unlikely sleeping places, so check the following: all rooms in the house, wardrobes, cupboards, boxes, household applicances (especially washing machine), vehicles and garden, including any sheds, garage etc.

Ask your neighbours to check their gardens and to look in any sheds, garage etc. Look under decking in yours and neighbours' gardens as we are getting an increasing number of reports of cats getting trapped under decking.

Contact local animal welfare groups - Cats Protection, SSPCA, PDSA - and your local veterinary practices to register the cat's details. The more information you can provide the better e.g. cat's colour, distinctive markings/features, sex, age, temperament, whether the cat is neutered/microchipped, whether it's wearing a collar and if so what colour is the collar and is there a tag. Also the location your cat went missing.

Make posters and flyers. If you have access to a computer and printer, a small photo would be a real advantage, colour if possible, also highlight any distinguishing features your cat has in order to make it more easily identifiable.
Leaflet every house in your street and in neighbouring streets. Also distribute to local shops, garages, at bus stops, noticeboards and post offices.

Speak to people in the area like school crossing patrols, workmen, leaflet distributors, anyone who is out and about in the area during the day. Speak to your postman and give him a photo of your lost cat.

Check the lost and found sections in local newspapers.

Cats Protection has a weekly column in local papers detailing the latest lost cats and also any 'found' cats. By 'found' cats we mean cats that have repeatedly turned up in a certain area or in someone's garden and which very often are being fed by someone in the locality. To get your cat on the list call Cats Protection on 01259 720555. You can also email your lost cat's details to forthvalley@cats.org.uk  If you can, include a photo of the cat.

Call the local council's roads/environmental services in case your cat has been knocked down. They may have details.
You may also want to check these websites specialising in lost pets:
Petsearch - www.ukpetsearch.freeuk.com
A Missing Pet - www.amissingpet.co.uk
Regional lost and found registers are on this page - www.catchat.org/linksinfo.html