Our volunteers do a fantastic job of keeping our cats clean, well fed and also giving out loads of cuddlles
to our cats. They do the hard work every single day of the year.  Even at Christmas and New Year we have stalwart volunteers turning out to do the job.  Cat lovers every one of them.
Some people  come in specifically to spend time with some of the more stressed cats/kittens.  Doing this
takes time, patience and an understanding of cat behaviour.
There are volunteers who come to help in the shop sorting donations, handed in from our fantastic supporters. and obviously, we have our volunteers who do the selling in the shop. Ours is a charity shop with a difference.
There are so many ways to help and volunteer in the shelter/shop and it's a rewarding experience.
These are only some of the ways we volunteer at the shelter. 
If you are interested in helping out why not call in and see us during our opening hours. That way you can have a chat and find out a big more about what is involved. The shelter is open Thurs-Fri 1-3pm and Sat-Sun 1-4pm. You will always get a welcome and you can get to meet some of the cats at the same time!