What we do

Who are we?
Cats Protection Corby and District is branch of Cats Protection aiming to reduce the strays and improve the welfare of cats in our local area, covering Corby, Kettering and the surrounding villages.

We are a team of passionate cat lovers who all volunteer our time, our home and our knowledge. 
Our team is always in need of more helping hands, head over to the volunteering page for more information on that.

What we do

- Rehoming

We take in cats in need of new homes, we will carry out home visits to ensure the cats are going out to safe and loving families, and ensuring that the cats are going out to a home fit for their needs.

Cats in our care live in foster homes, the homes of our volunteers. 
We do not have a shelter or establishment.

All of our available cats can be found on the rehoming page. 

We also do Direct Rehoming, in cases when all our foster spaces are full. 
We carry out our home visits, and advertise the cat for adoption, but the cat remains with it's owners until a new family is found.

- Trap, Neuter, Return

We will take reports of stray and/or feral cats, we will ensure that the cat is not a pet, and take the cat to be fixed to prevent further breeding of stray cats.

If the cat is feral and 12 weeks or older, we will return the cat back to where s/he was found, as these feral cats very often do not enjoy domestic life, and are better suited to living on the streets. 

- Neutering

Neutering cats is the most essential component in reducing the population of unwanted cats, and so we campaign for pet owners to have the procedure done. We understand that it can be costly, and so we offer to help cover some of the costs of this. Feel free to Contact us if you require assistance or more information on this. 

What we do not do

- We are not a rescue organisation. 

If you have an injured or sick cat, contact your local vet of the RSPCA as soon as possible.

In cases of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA), take the cat to the nearest veterinary practice, where they can administer pain releif until an owner can be located.

We do not fund veterinary procedures for cats not in our care

Aside from the neutering vouchers to cover a portion of the neutering cost, we do not provide funding for veterinary procedures.

Pet Insurance is always recommended, and the PDSA charity may be able to assist in veterinary funding.

- We do not operate a 24/7 contact center

Calls and e-mails are received by volunteers, who volunteer their roles around their home and professional lives. We will always aim to be in contact within 48 hours or sooner, but if you contact us, please remain patient and understand why a response isn't immediate.