Lost and Found

Has your cat wandered off? Have you found someone's cat? If the answer to either of these is yes - get in touch!

Found a cat? 
If a friendly cat has wandered into your garden and you haven't seen it before, chances are it belongs to someone new in the area. We would recommend writing your phone number on a piece of paper and making a paper collar for the cat to wear. If it is going home, the owner will hopefully call you and let you know.
If you haven't had a response for 2 days, and the collar has remained intact, we would recommend taking the friendly cat to your local vets to check it for a microchip. This is a free service. 

Lost your cat?
The key is to promote attention to your missing cat - create posters, drop leaflets through your neighbours doors asking them to check their sheds and garages. Cats are nosey animals and will wander anywhere. It will also help to scatter the contents of a used litter tray outside your home; this will encourage them to come back to their own smell.

Perhaps a neighbour is taking care of your cat, thinking it is a stray. A leaflet through their door may jog their memory and advise them that your cat is not lost after all.

Remember that a microchipped cat has a much higher chance of being reunited with you, but please remember to keep your details up to date. If you're not sure if your details are correct, drop us an email at lostandfound@crawley.cats.org.uk or phone 0345 3712 734 and we can normally check for you. Alternatively, have a look at the Petlog website for more information.

How can I stop my cat from wandering?
Cats do tend to wander, this is natural, as they are given the freedom to do so! You can stop your cats from wandering by getting them neutered. A neutered cat is far less likely to look for a mate, and doing so usually makes them less likely to fight with other cats.

If you cat is still wandering, it could be because something in the household has changed, perhaps you've got a new pet or had a baby? Cats can be unsettled by new circumstances, and can be settled by the use of calming hormone sprays, such as Feliway.

Sadly many cats are reported lost and missing every year and similarly many strays are reported to us. We do our best to find the owners of all stray cats that come into our care.
If you have lost or found a cat please phone 0345 3712 734 or email details to us at lostandfound@crawley.cats.org.uk