Roara and NasHemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted

Roara is a stunning, sociable girl.At 2.5 years old she brings an aura of calmness to your house content in your company, but also happy in her own company loafing and watching the world go by. Eating is done calmly and meows are infrequent and not loud.
This beautiful faced sassy girl is still young and enjoys some play, cat spluffs, rolling around with teaser sticks, delicate laser pen runs. She has been the perfect house guest with her fosterer and has learned to relax and be content in her new environment and visitors don’t frighten her. Play is not boisterous and she enjoys playing with Nas too!
Nas is a typical fun 6 month old kitten who has motor purrs, cute ickle meows and loves a play, especially with a laser pen and mini leaps for his teaser sticks. He can also happily play with a ball or toy mouse if there’s one accessible and then enjoy a nice snooze and purr with you.
Like Roara, Nas has made fostering easy and both cats use the litter tray easily and are not fussy eaters.
The home they are looking for is with secure access to the outside and no other cats, dogs and children over 8 years of age.

Gender Male
Breed Domestic short-hair
Can live with cats No
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family Gentle children over 8
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat No