Lost and Found


Did you know the average cat roams up to seven houses away from their home. Cats also like to explore and are very inquisitive so it's easy for them to get locked inside a shed or garage. So if you have lost your cat don't just search your house and garden, ask neighbours in surrounding houses and roads to do the same.
If you have lost a cat please email Jackie with a description and a picture so she can enter the details into our records.

Animal Search UK Website has a helpful video on things to do if you lose your puss and has a register of lost and found cats. This may help and in the meantime.......
Advice if your cat goes missing:
  • Our branch keeps a record of lost and found cats.  Please email Jackie
  • Micro-chipping your cat can make it easier to be found.
  • Check that they haven't been shut in a neighbour's shed, garage, greenhouse or a nearby empty building. The best way is to make up small leaflets with a description and if possible a picture of your cat to distribute around your neighbourhood.
  • If you have recently moved house, has your cat gone back to its old home? Cats have been known to travel several miles back to their old homes.
  • Phone local vets in case they have been involved in an accident and taken in for treatment.
  • Our branch keeps a record of lost and found cats. Please contact 0345 371 1851(answer phone)
  • Have a look on the PetSearch UK web site or call 01923 440126
  • Have a look on the Barton Lodge Veterinary or call 01442 216048
  • Check with your local Cats Protection branch or the R.S.P.C.A.
  • If the cat has had a fatal injury on the road, the Council Depot may have a record (Cupid Green in Hemel Hempstead). It is wise to contact them as it is better to know.
  • Put an advertisement in the Lost column of the local paper.
  • Add your cat's details to the Lost Pets section at www.gohemel.co.uk 
If you have found a cat that you believe to be a stray, then please call Cats Protection. Also ask neighbours if they know of owners and also phone local vets. Befriend the cat so help can be obtained and hopefully the owner found.