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Help Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted Branch raise money by using every time you shop online.

Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead/Berkhamsted Branch Fundraising Ideas/

All we ask is that if you decide to sign up, please make sure you select our branch when you are asked on the sign up page.
The Cats Protection Weekly Charity Lottery is a great way to show your support for cats and kittens in need. For as little as £1 a week you could pay for nutritious food for a starving cat, with our lottery income covering the cost of rehoming over 10,000 cats and kittens.
Would you like another way to help our branch? why not Play the Cats Protection Weekly Charity Lottery and you could win £1,000 every week or £10,000 every quarter!

What Are The Most Practical Donations For Our Branch?

Our branch shoulders the monumental task of rescuing and rehabilitating a couple of hundred cats every year. We rely heavily on donations from the public to help provide food, warmth, and healing to animals until they can be adopted by loving families.

We, like many, Animal rescue organizations are often stretched thin financially. Certain items, such as pet food are frequently in high-demand. Donations of these practical items are always welcome.


All animals need food to be healthy and happy, but for shelter animals, being well-fed is a vital first step toward finding their forever homes. We suggests donations of cat or kitten food – both wet and dry.  In Spring and Summer kitten food is particularly needed.

Our website also allows you to  to make the most of your monetary donation. Donation amounts can be whatever you can afford, even small amounts can feed many cats.


Our feline friends have unique hygienic needs, especially in their temporary homes. In short, lots of cats use lots of litter. Donations of litter, especially the wood pellet variety, are always appreciated. Hooded cat beds also provide a safe, private place to snuggle for a catnap. Cat toys can also help our feline friends have some fun!


Cats Protection works tirelessly to give cats a chance for a happily ever after. To find out how to lend a hand, why not make some enquiries by contacting anyone on our Contact Us page.


We are offering you a unique opportunity to sponsor a cat pen for one year. We make our cats as comfortable as possible, give them lots of TLC, good food and veterinary care as required. This can all be extremely expensive. It's not like a real home with their own person/dedicated slave, but a temporary refuge until the right person comes along to offer them a new home. We would welcome your contribution to their well-being. If you would be interested in sponsoring a cat pen , please contact us.

Our pens are used to temporarily home cats that come to us through no fault of their own -
  • strays looking for foster homes
  • long term cats
  • cats that people hand in to us because they can't keep them any more e.g. have become allergic to them; had to move to different accommodation where they can't have pets; divorce; made homeless; the cat being bullied by another one in the household.