What we do

The Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted branch covers the following postcodes : HP1, HP2 HP3 and HP4. Other Hertfordshire postcodes will be covered by a branch more local to your area. However should you see any cat or kitten that you would like to adopt, please let us know but understand that as a branch we do all home visits for cats/kittens in our care.  Some feedback on our achievements last year... 

In 2020, despite the lock-downs restricting us for a significant part of the year,  we still managed to re-home 49 cats from our care.  Most of these happened thanks to the special Covid-safe “Hands Free” re-homing scheme.


Also in 2020, we helped fund the neutering of 185 owned cats. Vets were terrific, many of them continuing with neutering surgery even during the lock-downs – such is the importance they (and we) attach to neutering.

Our branch is now open to take in cats for rehoming, but we are asking if you can still let the cat live with you, we are happy to help by putting a photo and a small write up about the cat onto our website and we can help you to find your cat a new loving home. This way we can then offer the spaces that come up for the stray cats or cats that have sadly lost their home and have no where to go. 
If we are unable to take in your cat because we are full then we may still be able to help. If the cat can remain with you we are happy to help by putting a photo and a small write up about the cat onto our Adopt A Cat page. Please note that we do require a donation for providing this service on our web site. 
The kitten season is now upon us, so we really need people to make sure their cats are neutered (Which can be done as young as 4 months old) and we are happy to help with the cost by issuing vouchers. As cute as kittens are, for every kitten born, a much needed home that could have gone to a homeless adult cat is taken in favour of a kitten. Contact our neutering help line on HH 251536 if you'd like financial assistance with neutering. For all other enquires please call us on: 0345 371 1851 or visit our Facebook page. 
As you can imagine the areas we work with and the people and cats we deal with are all very diverse, but one thing is for sure - they need our help! Without the branch's cat work there would be lots more unhappy cats across the area!

As a branch we do all home visits for cats/kittens in our care. 


- We rescue and re-home cats and kittens in our area, which may have come in for various reasons - sometimes people move and leave their cat, sometimes their owner dies, sometimes they are found wandering or injured, and sometimes they are handed in when people just cant cope any more. 
- We may also be able to assist people on low incomes or pensions who need help with costs of neutering their cat or kitten. 
- We care for long term ill and elderly cats - we're always looking for homes for these, but this is a difficult task, and in the mean time they need to be looked after and given their medication when necessary! 
- We also run a "Pensioner cats for Pensioners" Scheme. This gives a longer life to elderly cats who sadly find themselves without a home. We can often help towards the cost of vet fees.