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You can help us during Covid-19

Given the current situation and the fact we don't know what the future holds, we do know there will still be cats and kittens needing our help due to misinformation in the media surrounding the rumour that pets transmit the coronavirus. 

We will always be here for them but we do need a wee bit of help from the Deeside and Kincardine cat buddies at this time and in the future. We are funded by donations and fundraising but the latter is not possible because of the isolation we find ourselves in.  

Please note we do appreciate everyone's kindness and support in this difficult time and we also appreciate that many others find themselves in the same situation.


Deeside and Kincardine Branch have a wishlist on amazon for those who wish to donate goods for the cats directly instead of funds. Please visit our Branch's amazon wishlist.

 Food Bins
Donate to our food bins! We regularly have food bins in various supermarkets in our area. If you spot one please drop off your donated food and items into one of these. We regularly pick up donated items from these and they make a huge difference in helping cats and kittens in our care.


Turn your everyday online shopping into free donations for Deeside and Kincardine Branch. How? Just start your shop by visiting Easyfindraising first, and the website links your purchases to your chosen charity. Any donations that can be made from your shopping will automatically come to us here at our Branch.

Visit Easyfundraising to find out more - Our name appears as Deeside Cats Protection on the easyfundraising website.

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