Why should I have my cat neutered? Neutering your cats protects them against illness such as STDs and womb infections etc. It also helps to prevent cats from wandering in search of mates. Females cats came become quite distressed if they are frequently 'in season', not to mention the size of the litters cats produce and the fact that they have the ability to reproduce from a very young age. To find out more about this please have a look at this leaflet

If you are on a means tested benefit (including Working Tax Credit and Pension credit but not just state pension) and live in postcode areas NE22 - 26 and NE 61 - 65 you may qualify for help from Northumberland Cats Protection towards getting your cat 'done' - known as neutering - you can contact the below listed vets direct if you qualify, but you MUST ring the vet beforehand to check they have enough vouchers left - do not just book your cat in then turn up expecting a voucher

Robson and Prescott Morpeth - 01670 512275
Robson and Prescott Ashington - 01670 812189
Robson and Prescott Blyth - 01670 363607
St Clair Vets Blyth - 01670 457271
Village Vets Cramlington - 016707 731927
Moorview Newbiggin branch only for Northumberland postcodes - 01670 814628
Vets4Pets Morpeth - 01670 500670
Vets4Pets Bedlington - 01670 536110

** Now also accepted at Coquet Vets, Amble **

When you go to the vets you will be asked for 2 proofs of identity - this must be shown before your animal is neutered , 1 a proof of benefit(a letter stating you are on housing benefit for example) and also a utility bill with your name and address on - if you don't have proof and the required money to pay for the neutering you will be turned away.  
If you contact Dep of Work and Pensions they should supply you with a letter of proof of benefit

We now pay £40 towards a female cat and £25 towards a male, you need to check with the vet how much extra you have to pay, different vets will vary slightly.

If you are not in receipt of any of the listed benefits but feel there is a genuine case for help with neutering - or cannot get to one of the above listed vets - you must contact us first either by emailing or texting your name and address including postcode. to 07749713142 and we will advise you

North Tyneside operate a different scheme, for information on North Tyneside neutering scheme visit
postcodes covered by North Tyneside are NE6, 7, 12, 13, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30