Eastbourne Adoption Centre

Eastbourne Adoption Centre actively fund raise and find new ways to increase  funds for the Eastbourne Adoption Centre which is based in Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex.

 There are lots of ways to fund raise and I am sure there are lots of activities that we have not thought about as yet so if you are interested in helping us out or just want to pass on any good fundraising activities that you may have done or heard about then please contact me at any time and I will be more than happy to listen to your ideas. We are always looking for different ways to raise funds for the lovely cats and kittens that we have at the Eastbourne Adoption Centre.

We couldn't work without our amazing volunteers, they really are wonderful and always ready and eager to come out on a windy day and hold a bucket or man a stall at one of our events. If it wasn't for these devoted people we would not be able to carry on our valuable work.