Adopt a Cat

We are currently only able to home cats in the Forest of Dean & Ross-on-Wye area.


We carry out Hands Free Home Checks for everyone who wants to adopt one of our cats. This is to ensure that:

  • new owners have full information about how to care for their new cat. This includes information about feeding, routine parasite treatments (fleas & worms!), provision of appropriate veterinary care & provision of care for the cat in the event of the owner's absence from home.
  • people & cats are well suited & compatible with one another in temperament & behaviour.
  • the home is situated in a reasonably safe location & that any potential hazards are identified.
  • new owners are fully aware of the possible expenses entailed in taking on the responsibility of a cat.

Every effort is made to match new owner & cat, however, should you fail to bond with your cat or you feel that they are not content with you, we will be happy to take them back & try to find you a more suitable one.

All cats in our care are tested to make sure they are not positive for FIV or FeLV, they are vaccinated, neutered & microchipped. This costs us around £150 per cat/kitten & if you adopt one of them, we ask for an adoption fee of £60 as a contribution towards what we have done to ensure that your cat is happy & healthy. The adoption fee for cats of 10 years or more is £35.



We have several 4/5 month old black kittens looking for their forever homes as singles or pairs. Beautiful, friendly, furry babies looking forward to a loving Christmas...

If you can offer these kittens a home, please contact us via:
email at:
or phone our Catline: 01594 841 511 & we will call you back.

Remember: A black kitten is not just for Christmas …or Halloween…!



We are aware of a number of feral cats who need to be moved on to new homes where they will pay the rent by keeping the rodent population under control. They are not cuddly friendly cats who will sit on your lap but wild creatures who will work for you in exchange for regular meals & a dry place to sleep.

If you can offer a pair of these cats a home, please contact us via:
email at:
or phone our Catline: 01594 841 511 & we will call you back.

The cats are all black & white, they have all been neutered.