Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat and live in our area, please notify us right away by telephone: 01728 723 499 or email us – stating the following details:

  • Your name and address, including postcode and your telephone number (for our records only)
  • Whether you wish for your telephone number to appear on our website (lost cats only)
  • The cat’s name, any distinguishing features, colour, age, hair type, sex and breed if pedigree, neutered or not, microchipped or not?
  • The date the cat was lost/found

Please remember that the earlier you report your cat missing, the better the chance of finding him/her again. Always thoroughly search your house, outbuildings, gardens and neighbours’ outhouses before reporting a cat lost.

We suggest you inform the following:-

  • local branch of Cats Protection – they usually have a special number for lost and found
  • local veterinary surgeons
  • local pet shops
  • local RSPCA, Blue Cross, PDSA and any other rescue centres in the area
  • the cleansing department of your local council
  • your postman, milkman, paper delivery person
  • the police

  • posters around the neighbourhood
  • distribute leaflets to shops, libraries, Post Offices, garages
  • local schools, local newspapers, local radio stations
  • local notice boards, including a photograph of your missing cat

Offer a reward
And finally:-
WHEN your cat does return, DO inform any authorities that have been asked to look for him/her, and please let us know too if we have put your cats details on our web site.
Please note that lost cats will be shown on our pages for a maximum period of six months unless we hear from you.

Useful Cat Protection branch numbers covering the Suffolk area:-
  • Lost and Found register – Framlingham & Saxmundham Branch – 01728 723499
  • Ipswich branch – 0345 371 2069
  • Bury St Edmunds branch – 01284 850887
  • Stour Valley branch – 01440 730096
  • Anglia Coastal: 0345 371 4202

The following website may be of use in your search for your lost or stolen cat - www.lostyourpet.net
  • The UK's National Register of Lost and Stolen Pets
  • Registration is FREE*  - it's so easy!
  • Help Reunite Owners With Their Loved Lost Or Stolen Family Pet
  • All Areas Covered No Matter How Far Your Pet Has Travelled!
  • *To Register A Found Pet and General Registration To The Site Is Totally Free And Only Take Approx 3 Minutes To Register Your Details - To Register A Lost Or Stolen Pet a £5 annual fee is charged.