Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat and live in our area, please notify us right away by telephone: 01728 723 499 or email us – stating the following details:
  • Your name and address, including postcode and your telephone number (for our records only)
  • Whether you wish for your telephone number to appear on our website (lost cats only)
  • The cat’s name, any distinguishing features, colour, age, hair type, sex and breed if pedigree, neutered or not, microchipped or not?
  • The date the cat was lost/found
Please remember that the earlier you report your cat missing, the better the chance of finding him/her again. Always thoroughly search your house, outbuildings, gardens and neighbours’ outhouses before reporting a cat lost.

We suggest you inform the following:-
  • local branch of Cats Protection – they usually have a special number for lost and found
  • local veterinary surgeons
  • local pet shops
  • local RSPCA, Blue Cross, PDSA and any other rescue centres in the area
  • the cleansing department of your local council
  • your postman, milkman, paper delivery person
  • the police

  • posters around the neighbourhood
  • distribute leaflets to shops, libraries, Post Offices, garages
  • local schools, local newspapers, local radio stations
  • local notice boards on social media, including a photograph of your missing cat

Offer a reward
And finally:-
WHEN your cat does return, DO inform any authorities that have been asked to look for him/her, and please let us know too if we have put your cats details on our web site.
Please note that lost cats will be shown on our pages for a maximum period of six months unless we hear from you.

Useful Cat Protection branch numbers covering the Suffolk area:-
  • Lost and Found register – Framlingham & Saxmundham Branch – 01728 723499
  • Ipswich branch –0345 371 2069
  • Bury St Edmunds branch – 01284 850 887
  • Stour Valley branch – 01440 535 131
  • Anglia Coastal: 0345 371 4202

The following website may be of use in your search for your lost or stolen cat -nationalpetregister.org
  • The Free National Database for Lost and Found Pets. report and search for lost pets and found pets of all types and breeds. Thousands of family pets go missing each year in the UK from theft or by just simply wandering off and getting lost - its FREE to use our lost and found pet service.