For All Missing & Stray Cats

Gosport Cats Protection (CP) operates a lost and found register to help reunite cats with their owners covering the PO12, PO13 & PO14 areas.   

Please contact us at or phone 07919 231050 (phone enquiries between 9am and 6pm) with your details and details of the cat. It's helpful to know the sex and colour of the cat, whether neutered and microchipped, when and where the cat is missing from or found and a photo of the cat. A volunteer will get back to you within 48 hours. 

I’ve lost my cat

Search your own home and garden. Cats love small cosy spaces and might be hiding in the unlikeliest of places – from cupboards to garden sheds

Ask neighbours to check sheds and garages and put up posters in your area

If your cat is microchipped, let the chip company know and make sure your contact details are up to date

Contact local vet practices (Alver, Vets4Pets, Jollyes & Companion Care)

Contact the Stubbington Ark (RSPCA)  01329 667541

Phone Streetscene 08000 198598 in case your cat’s been involved in a road traffic accident

Use social media! Post a picture and description of your cat on your own Facebook page as well as community and local lost and found pages

I’ve found a cat

Ask your neighbours if they recognise the cat –someone might be searching for their lost pet

For finders of cats involved in road accidents it’d be appreciated if the cat could be taken to a local vet who can scan for a microchip

Stray cats found on the street aren’t always without owners so it’s important to check whether the cat is owned or not. CP volunteers can help with this and can scan a stray to check for a microchip

CP volunteers can put a paper collar on the cat and advertise.

If the cat is sick or injured, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999