What we do

Our main aim is to care for and rehome unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens. To support this we also:

1) Offer rehoming services to members of the public who can no longer keep their pets

2) Encourage neutering of cats. Cats Protection can help with the cost of neutering your cat or kitten. Vouchers are available for people who receive state benefits, are students or pensioners to get their cat neutered at a reduced cost - £25 towards the cost of neutering a male cat and £40 towards the cost of surgery for a female cat.  

3) We facilitate the neutering of feral colonies by trapping and helping with the cost of neutering through a voucher scheme

4) We help with reports of lost and found cats and one of our volunteers is dedicated to following up on reports of stray cats to scan them and hopefully reunite them with their owners.  We also take reports of missing cats and offer advice and help advertise.  Contact Carole by phone 07946 678264.

5) We promote responsible cat ownership by offering free educational workshops and talks and also have leaflets about the care of cats and kittens. Cats Protection has a wide range of leaflets available giving valuable information on cat care, health and other problems. Most of these are available at our major fund raising events.

Please ring 07825 592921 for information.  

Due to  COVID-19 we are taking some extra precautions at this time to try and ensure that we keep our volunteers safe so we can continue to care for cats.  

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