Cats Protection can help with the cost of neutering your cat or kitten. Vouchers are available for people who receive state benefits, are students or pensioners to get their cat neutered at a reduced cost - £35 towards the cost of neutering a male cat and £50 towards the cost of surgery for a female cat. 


Kittens are cute but they grow up fast and there are thousands of unwanted cats and kittens in the UK, show you care and get your cat or kitten spayed or snipped from 4 months of age. 

Neutering for male and female cats is a routine operation which has numerous benefits for your cat. Cats recover very quickly from neutering operations but we’d recommend following your vet’s advice on how to look after your cat after its operation. 

Neutering our kittens and cats is one of the most important things owners can do for their pet. Invest in your pet’s health and wellbeing by getting him/her neutered.  

Please keep your cats indoors until they are neutered. 
Neutered male cats
will become less likely to roam (reducing the risk of being run over), will become less likely to fight, thus improving their chances of avoiding serious diseases, like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) which are transmitted by cat bites and reproductive activity and will also be less likely to mark their territory with urine (spraying). 

Spayed female cats can avoid unwanted pregnancies (it is not beneficial for a female cat to have a litter before spaying, this is a myth), won’t call and wail during their sexual cycle and will be less likely to contract diseases spread by bites and reproductive activity. 

Please call 07825 592921 for help and advice. 

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