Lost and Found

Although we are not able to run a local lost and found service ourselves, Cats Protection works in conjunction with Animal Search UK, the leading search service for missing pets in Britain. They specialise in helping to reunite owners with lost or stolen pets. Their web site is free to use, provides local and nationwide coverage and lots of useful information including free help and advice for people who have lost or found a pet and are wondering what best to do.

If your cat is missing

If you have adopted a cat from us it will have been microchipped prior to homing. It's really important to remember to register your new cat's microchip with Anibase so that it can be reunited with you if it goes missing. It is also worth knowing that for pets registered on Identichip's database, there is an additional service called Locate, available for a small premium (at the time of writing it was £17.95 for 8 years cover). If your pet goes missing they will contact all the local vets and rescue centres on your behalf and provide the materials for flyers which you can post in your locality.

If your cat has been missing for a while and you are concerned that it may have been killed on the road, Harrogate Borough Council Cleansing Department keeps records of animals reported by the public i.e. cat, dog, hedgehog etc and its location. If they are found by the workers cleaning the footpaths/highway verges, they are removed but not recorded. Phone 01423 500 600.

If you find a cat needing urgent attention

If you have found a cat which you believe to need urgent attention you should contact RSPCA.