Support us

Support us

Cats Protection's local branches, such as Harrogate & District, are entirely self-funded. This means that without the support of people like you, we would not be able to afford to carry out our work. The veterinary costs for vaccinating, microchipping, neutering, fleaing and worming each cat in our care amount to around £200; then there is the cost of setting up a foster pen and equipping it with bedding, litter trays, food bowls and toys; and ongoing supplies of food, cat litter and cleaning materials.

Fortunately there are many ways you can help - from a one-off donation to sponsorship or even a legacy in your will. To discuss any of these options please call Bette on 07809 302267.

Sponsor a pen

Do you want to do your bit in helping cats and kittens in the Harrogate area? Worried because you can't spare the time to bake cakes, make crafts or clean out dirty litter trays? Worry no more - you can help by sponsoring a pen at one of our foster homes for as little as £5-00 a month.

Sponsor a special cat

Not in the first flush of youth? Not exactly got the most winning personality? Then you've got a lot in common with our special foster cats!

There may be many reasons why a cat cannot be homed in the normal way and spends its life as part of a long term foster family. They may be elderly, disabled, or need long term veterinary treatment. They may have suffered emotional trauma and need special care and understanding.

For as little as £5-00 per month you can play a part in supporting our un-homeable felines.


Like all charities we constantly need funds in order to continue our work and we are always willing to accept donations. If you wish to make a gift to the cats in our care, either one-off or on a regular basis, we will be very grateful. If you make your donation through the Gift Aid scheme we can get even more benefit as we can reclaim the tax you have paid on the money and use that for the cats also .

If you would like to organise a collection or coffee morning in your home and send us the money...all support will be used for the benefit of the cats.

You can donate online, or call us on 07809 302267 to request a Gift Aid form.

If you would prefer to make an anonymous donation, please send it to the address on the Contact Us page.


If you wish, you can remember Cats Protection in your will.

You can either make a bequest to Cats Protection headquarters to support the national organisation of our charity or (and the cats of Harrogate would prefer this!) make your bequest specifically to benefit the Harrogate Branch of Cats Protection (this would be handled through HQ but your bequest would all be used in the Harrogate area).

Your solicitor will know how to do this.