Can you help to raise funds for the branch?

It is very hard work for a small group of volunteers to raise sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the branch.

We need:
  • …someone willing to coordinate fundraising
  • …more fundraisers to help at bazaars, village stalls, car boot sales, street collections, coffee mornings and other events
  • …some new fundraising ideas.
If you can help in any way, please let us know by calling us on 01494 448849 or by emailing us at enquiries@highwycombe.cats.org.uk.

Can you help the branch in any other way?

We are also currently looking for:
  • fosterers (indoor and outdoor)
  • home visitors
  • cat transporters
If anyone has any of the following items they could donate to the branch please call us on 01494 448849 or email us at enquiries@highwycombe.cats.org.uk.
  • top loading wire cat carriers
  • scratching posts
  • cat litter and large litter trays
  • cat food
  • cat beds, or small plastic dog beds
Would you like to become a fosterer?

We desperately need fosterers to look after cats whilst they await new homes.

Do you have space in your garden to house some Cats Protection pens? Do you think you have what it takes to look after a cat temporarily while we try to find a suitable home for it? Pens, food and full support will be provided by Cats Protection.

As a prospective outdoor fosterer you may need to have a concrete base put in your garden – the charity would pay for this as it is to accommodate the pen.


You would need to expect that people would need to visit and see the cats, after having been vetted beforehand, so ideally outside access would be required.

All food, litter and vets bills are paid for so all you need to supply as a fosterer is the TLC. Being a fosterer is very rewarding but a lot of thought needs to be given before making the commitment as the charity would be purchasing a new pen and they are costly.

Indoor fosterers would need a spare, secure room to keep a cat temporarily whilst it awaits a new home. A little space is also needed to store litter, food, cleaning equipment, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a fosterer please call us or email us at enquiries@highwycombe.cats.org.uk and we will talk you through the requirements of Cats Protection Cat Care Standards and answer any questions you might have. You can also watch a video about fostering here.